OUTFITTER: Poisk Oxygen System A compact, convenient and, crucially, freeze-resistant oxygen system for high-altitude climbers

Sitting at an altitude of 8,848 metres above sea level – well above the 7,500 metre ‘death zone’, where the oxygen concentration is a third of that at ground level – the summit of Mount Everest is rarely attempted without supplementary bottled oxygen. Deemed a necessity to prevent hypoxia – potentially fatal oxygen deficiency – by all but 3% of climbers who attempt the summit, surprisingly only one system has been produced specifically for use on Everest.

Poisk Oxygen System
Designed and manufactured by aerosystems engineers in St Petersburg, one of Poisk’s major advantages over other brands is in allowing climbers to shed weight as they ascend. While most oxygen systems require climbers to carry a single heavy bottle to the summit, Poisk’s system uses two or three smaller bottles, permitting climbers to jettison their empty canisters to be retrieved on their way back down – a simple solution that makes a huge difference when facing the elements on the most formidable mountain on earth. 


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